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Platinum Plush Enterprise also offers music producer for Country, Pop, Rock, Hip Hop and Gospel = Platinum Plush Beatz.

University of Lil Egypt online college course in Business, Psychology, Music i.e., Online Piano Lessons/Classes, Online Drums/Percussion Lessons/Classes, Online Vocal Lessons/Classes, Online Organ Lessons/Classes, Religion, Philosophy, and Law Classes/Courses!

Platinum Plush Palace - Online Chess Gambling, In-House Gambling for Chess, Dominoes, Spades, New Poker Game only in Memphis, TN, Memphis Hold'em and Scrabble!

Business consulting all at one number 901-206-1166!

$5 Monthly membership fee

Platinum Plush Stock Exchange

- Invest $5 dollars as share into the 22 businesses in the Platinum Plush Enterprise, Inc.

Assassinatas' Attorneys At Law

- Protected by attorney-client confidentiality! Everything talked about is kept confidential!

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